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Econp₹ism 4.o | Issue 4 | January 2023 Edition

Highlights of this Issue

The key highlights of this issue are articles from Prof. Mahendra Dev (Former Director, IGIDR, Mumbai), Prof. Jyotsna Jalan (CSSS, Kolkata), and a joint article from Dr. Kirit Parikh (Chairman, IRADe, New Delhi) and Jyoti Parikh (Executive Director, IRADe, New Delhi). This issue also features articles and notes from different dignitaries and students of our institute.

About Us

The newsletter, apart from serving as a platform for showcasing the multitude of academic and non-academic activities happening at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, also intends to create synergy between the activities of the institute and those of other academicians, policymakers, regulatory bodies as well as the corporate sector. We hope that it will equally cater to the intellectual understanding of professionals from academia, public policy, and the industry as well as enlighten the student community of our country at large.


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